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2017 posed a historic moment for Jack Masters, as we celebrated 30 years of knitwear manufacturing in Leicestershire.

To mark to this commemorative year Jack Masters were delighted that the factory's talent and work was included at Leicester’s Newarke Houses Museum as part of an exhibition exploring the Leicestershire Knitwear industry.

knitwear factory display in Newarke museum

The exhibition celebrates the iconic history of knitwear manufacturing within Leicestershire, displaying a curated selection of pieces and factories that demonstrate the flair of creativity and evolvement delivered within knitwear manufacturing over the decades. Jack Masters exhibit alongside leading Leicestershire manufacturers Wolsey and Corah – associations that Jack Masters are delighted to be aligned with.

Jack Masters were selected by exhibition curator Philip French to highlight the factory's continuous strive to be at the forefront of modern knitwear technology. To date the business has received significant investment from the regional growth fund supporting imperative investment into new machinery and design software, truly reflecting the importance of ‘Keeping Leicester Knitting’.

Director Snahal Patel voiced the importance of development whilst celebrating a timeless skilled workforce “The constant blending and refinement of traditional manufacturing techniques with the latest machinery and modern yarns has meant that we have innovated year on year in reaction to current trends.”

The Jack Master’s display at the Newarke Gallery features the businesses most iconic knitwear piece, the ‘Multicultural Jumper’. Launched for Christmas 2014 at the height of the Christmas jumper phenomenon the Multicultural jumper made headlines across the UK and abroad, with national papers divided in views - some voicing the piece was ‘PC gone too far’, yet many celebrating the sheer brilliance of uniting the festive season and dozens of cultures within the UK. Not only a proud moment for Jack Masters but also a continuous best seller each festive season.

Newarke Museum Leicester

Phillip French, curator at Newark Houses Museum

  • “The museum service has always collected material relating to local industries, with textiles being especially important. It is great to highlight the success of this firm and to display their innovative and colourful products." 

Dilip Patel, Founder and Director at Jack Masters

  • “This is a wonderful recognition of all the work and efforts of our staff and the wider Leicestershire and UK textile community in supporting us as a company and our industry.”

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