Merino Wool Christmas Jumpers

For the finest in quality, branded Christmas jumpers, our UK made Merino wool styles are second to none.

Knitted from the softest, Italian spun extra-fine Merino wool, these Christmas jumpers offer a taste of luxury for the wearer. Warm yet breathable, soft and comfortable, a merino wool Christmas jumper will elevate your brand's festive look.


Harrods Christmas Jumper

Merino Wool Christmas Jumper


  • We offer 12 gauge Extra Fine Merino Wool Christmas Jumpers
  • We are able to produce designs incorporating up to 5 colours
  • Minimum order quantities = 100 pieces
  • Sampling lead time - 5 to 15 working days
  • Production lead times - 4 to 12 weeks depending on yarn availability.
  • Made in England.

For more information about our Extra Fine Merino Wool Christmas Jumpers please contact us on +44(0)116 283 7300 or at